What I read for Machine Learning news

Earlier this year, I was publishing weekly, or sometimes semi-weekly drops with links to interesting news, videos and learning materials for Machine Learning. I wasn’t very consisted about it and at some point just stopped.

I’m sharing here sources I get my machine learning readings from:

Blogs and aggregators

Machine Learning reddit

DataTau (HackerNews-like data science-oriented service)

Towards Data Science

Newsletters on Machine Learning

Machine Learnings (from creaters of MachineLearnings.co)

Intuition Machine

The Wild Week in AI

AI Weekly

Data Elixir


Have a great read!

One thought on “What I read for Machine Learning news

  1. Caspar

    Hi Michael,

    I am reaching out to you because I see you link to some interesting newsletters.

    We have made an analysis of the most important emerging trends in the field of Artificial Intelligence in 2018 (because 2018 is quickly closing in).
    This might be relevant for you readers as well?

    Actually, we are known for our knowledge hub for the non-IT (business experts) but we are trying to share our most valuable insights. All of our content is open source.
    It is clear that AI is moving fast and we see that many businesses are increasingly more curious about implementing this new technology. For all innovation enthusiasts we have a free (industry specific) Readiness Test to check with 15 simple questions whether your organisation is ready for AI (also a test for Media, have a look).

    So would you be so kind to let us know what you think?
    Looking forward, with kind regards,

    +31 630375112

    Team AIcompany
    AIcompany.co (for our analysis in more detail; aicompany.co#trends)

    4 Emerging trends will transform the field of artificial intelligence in 2018
    1. Artificial Intelligence seen as commodity
    2. Democratisation of ‘Click’ Machine Learning
    3. “Guys, these geeks are infiltrating”
    4. Predictive Analytics on the loose


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