Hi, my name is Michał

(you can pronounce it mee-how).

I am software developer from Poland, currently living and working in Lund, Sweden. I work as a consultant at tretton37 and I specialise in backend systems. Mostly on .NET stack, but I have some extensive experience on other platforms too. I can do Javascript if needed. I am a big fan of functional programming. I love F# and I’m learning Elixir. I’m also very interested in machine learning and AI in general and I’m familiarising with this field. I speak at conferences and meetups.

Outside of work I am interested in way too many things. I love engineering. Real engineering, like rocket science and building bridges. I am interested in history. I find physics and chemistry fascinating. I am aviation geek. I fly. I ski. I’m wheels of fury.

Ways to stalk me on the Internet:
linkedIn | twitter | githubinstagram

Picture on the right was taken by Przemek Szuba During DevDay 2015