Why do you code?

There are days, when I hate my job. Lately, quite a lot of them. These are the days when I know I do something pointless. I’m writing functionality, that some manager dreamed of, but nobody will use. Or I’m debugging some 10 years old code, and nothing works and nothing makes sense. You probably know what I’m talking about.

Those frustrating periods make me think – why the heck I’m still doing this? Why not just throw it all away, move to mountains and start breeding sheeps or goats?  Or maybe I should change my job? Will that change anything? Probably not…

But then comes the day like last Friday. Days, when I write some clean, elegant code, which provides functionality, that solves somebody’s problem. At the end of the day, as software developer, we’re paid to solve problems. “Craftsmanship” of this solution is important for me. But I’m much more happier, when someone says, that I made something useful for him. That I made a difference. On days like that, I realize why I code.

So, why do You code?

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