Creating new features in ML.NET using CustomMapping

One of the early stages of the Machine Learning projects pipelines is called Feature Engineering. And one of the actions we perform in that stage is creating new features based on the available dataset.

ML.NET has a long list of Transforms to support different operations, but sometimes you want to do something special. In my Portimão blog post I wanted to calculate a new feature by multiplying two existing features.

What I had in mind was not supported. Fortunately you can also use Custom Mapping and provide it a function that will perform the transformation. Below example how you can add it to your calculation pipeline.

var pipeline = mlContext.Transforms.CustomMapping((TyreStint input, CustomDistanceMapping output) => output.Distance = input.Laps * input.TrackLength, contractName: null)
              .Append(mlContext.Transforms.CopyColumns(outputColumnName: "Label", inputColumnName: nameof(TransformedTyreStint.Distance)))

This also require some small changes in your Data object, but in general is an elegant way to solve that issue. Microsoft has some more examples for CustomMapping transform.

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