Weekly Machine Learning drop #13

I’ve become more and more interested in machine learning during last year. This is my way of collecting and sharing interesting reads on the topic I stumble upon. I publish those posts every Friday. They are divided into few categories and the format is constantly evolving.


In this part, I share interesting news from machine learning and artificial intelligence world. Those are mostly not very scientific articles about applications, predictions and controversies around ML.

Amazon’s move signals end of line for many cashiers
The recent Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is another step for the company to dominate retail. When you put that together with their Amazon Go experiment, you may start thinking how grocery stores will look in the future.

Mars robot makes decisions on its own
NASA scientists installed 20’000 lines of code on the Mars Rover Curiosity to give it some intelligence. Now it can recognize which rocks are worth closer look, instead of beaming laser at any rock found.

Artificial intelligence beat human player in Dota 2
Another game with a set of complicated rules and a nonlinear way to win was beaten by an algorithm. This time it was a solution by Open AI, using solution based on reinforced learning.


DeepMind and Blizzard open Starcraft II as an AI research environment
On a similar topic – now Starcraft II also has an available platform for AI experiments. It contains, among others, an API and big (and constantly growing) set of recorded anonymized gameplays. The release contains also an open source version of DeepMind’s toolkit and access to mini games, that will allow training agents for specific tasks.

How Machine Learning is transforming drug creation
Machine learning algorithms that are good at pattern recognition, can go through new and existing genetic and medical information to find unknown previously connections, which will allow creating more targeted medication.

Tensorflow 1.3 released
The previous week, a new version of Tensorflow was released. Click through, to see the list of features and improvements.

Learning materials

This week I wanted to share with you some repositories with Tensorflow best practices and new Deep Learning course by Andrew Ng. 

Tensorflow tutorials
Speaking of Tensorflow, this GitHub repository contains a bunch of tutorials, that are simple and easy to use and grasp basics of the library.

Tensorflow best practices
And this repository contains a bunch of good practices while developing with Tensorflow.

New Deep Learning specialization from Andrew Ng
After his recent departure from Baidu and forming Deeplearning.ai, there is more news from Andrew Ng. He recently published new Coursera specialization focusing on Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Many people started their adventures in Machine Learning with his previous Coursera course, and this is definitely a great continuation. I’m in the 3rd week of the first course and with a clear conscience, I can recommend it to you.

Also recently, Andrew raised $150M venture capital fund to invest in AI.

This is it for today, thanks for reading. If you liked the post, let me know and please check other parts of the series.

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