Weekly ML drop #11

I’ve become more and more interested in machine learning during last year. This is my way of collecting and sharing interesting reads on the topic I stumble upon. Those posts are published each Friday, they are divided into few categories and the format is constantly evolving. Last week I didn’t have time to prepare a weekly drop, so some “news” today may be a bit older.

In this part, I share interesting news from machine learning and artificial intelligence world. Those are mostly not very scientific articles about interesting applications,  predictions and controversies that AI causes.

Data is the new oil
In this very interesting article in The Economist, author bring arguments how in the 21st century, data will be (and already is) the main resource to fuel the economy (compared to 20th-century oil)

Sent to Prison by a Software Program’s Secret Algorithm
A man charged with fleeing police in a car was sentence 6 years in prison. One of the information used against him was set of bar charts analysing risks and threats he’s posing to the society. It wasn’t the main proof, but it is a little bit unsettling.

The parts of America most susceptible to automation
Short article discussion which areas of US and why will be most hit by the advent of automation. There’s interesting map there also.

Harnessing automation for a future that works
In this article, on the other hand, the author claims we’re not quite there, and we’ll need close cooperation between people and machines to progress automation.

6 areas of AI and ML to watch closely
If you’re interested what’s really hot in the industry, this article lists 6 most interesting technology areas.

Learning materials
Here I’m sharing material for learning ML that I found useful – online courses, blogs, books etc. This is usually rather technical stuff.

Deep learning simplified
Series of short videos explaining basic concepts of Machine Learning. Recommended rather for total beginners.

This is it for today, thanks for reading. If you liked the post, let me know and please check other parts of the series.

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