Month of spreading F# love in Poland

In last month or so I did three talks on F# in Poland. I can see gaining interests and there’re already other people speaking about F# in Polish community. This is awesome!

Kraków, 25th September

A Day before DevDay KGD.NET organized meetup with two talks. This was great opportunity for my employer tretton37 to get some more street cred in Poland, so we decided to sponsor some food and drinks. There were two speakers – me and Maciej Aniserowicz, who’s kind of a rock star of Polish .NET community (BTW, check out his new podcast (in Polish)). I did my already well known introduction talk to F#. I had quite a big audience (around 100 people) and they were very engaged. I enjoyed great question and feedback I got after the talk. Looks like it’s very active .NET group. I used the same slides and code as in Warsaw couple months before.

Next dey was a DevDay :). I’m big fan of this conference and it delivered again. There were a lot of semi-negative opinions on the Internet afterwards, which is very sad and unfair. Looks like DevDay became victim of its own success. Last year was fuckin awesome, and people had some overgrown expectations. The truth is, it was fuckin awesome again this time and I can’t wait for next year’s edition. Videos are already online and you can watch them on youtube. But the strongest point of DevDay for me is community impact. It made largely distributed Polish .NET scene more united. People are visiting each other’s group and exchange experiences and knowledge. Programmers from all around Poland know each other better and lot’s of credit for that goes to Michał and Rafał.

Interwebz, 18th October

On Saturday evening I did a talk on Polish virtual conference From statistics I could see there were about 70 people watching it live. It’s a little bit weird to talk to computer without seeing your audience. I’m not happy how this talk went, but you can judge by yourself, because it’s been recorded (Polish). Feedback I got afterwards kind of matched my expectations – 24 positive, 16 neutral and 2 negative opinions. Again – same slides and code as in Warsaw.

This was the second edition of dotnetconfpl, great initiative by Michał, Paweł and Jakub. It’s Saturday afternoon full of code. Made by Polish developers for Polish developers. And because it was virtual, I could do talk from my desk in Sweden. I also very enjoyed discussions that went on whole day on dedicated jabbr channel.

Poznan, 30th October, PolyConf

Few days ago I did completely new talk. This time about cross-platform mobile development with F# and Xamarin. So this was new talk, and also my first talk in English, and biggest audience so far. Lot’s of new experiences. I was quite nervous before, but seems like everything went well. I’ll see video in a couple of days to make sure, but right now I feel it was my best talk so far.

The conference itself is evolution of well known RuPY. This time they widen topics to other programmic languages, so you could witness talks on JavaScript, Haskell, Erlang or F#. Pretty cool experience, and lot’s of inspiration how to move concept from other technologies to my daily job. The conference, even though it was hosted in Poland, gathered mostly international crowd. I’m putting it on my calendar for next year, because really enjoyed it.

What’s really cool and makes me happy, there’re other people who start talking about F# in Polish community. Few weeks ago my friend Kuba Walinski asked me if he can reference my talk, as he’s gonna do his own about F#. Hell yeah, you can. It’s great that we’re spreading F# love :). He spoke at Developer Days in Wrocław and you can read his thoughts about it on his blog.

There’re some other F# events coming up in Poland, so I’m thinking about starting some kind of Polish Monthly F# news, similar to Sergey’s weekly news, but focusing on our local community. Stay tuned :).

Craft Conference in Budapest

Last week I’ve been to Budapest to attend Craft Conference. This was first edition, but they started big. One workshop day, two day of talks. 3 tracks, around 25 speakers (just look at the lineup – it’s awesome), few hundred attendees. All that in beautiful Budapest. On the paper it all looks great

In reality… well, it was OK but not great. Many tracks were very low quality. Either not very skilled speakers, or speakers I know they could better, but seems like they didn’t care. Slots for talks were pretty short (around 40 minutes), and this could have ruined few talks – especially that speakers learned about it on place. Also organizers didn’t keep the time very rigorously, what caused that breaks between rooms didn’t sync. You often missed beginning of talk in another room, because previous one in the other ran longer. But the worst thing ever was the sponsors pitch for the beginning. Total mood killer.

But this sounds too harsh, because overall I had awesome time. Organizers managed to gather great crowd of attenddees. We also had big contingent from Poland. Some people I knew very well, other just from twitter and met them IRL for ther first time. It was nice just to hangout around venue, which BTW was very cool. Modern construction from steel and glass componed into some older building. Many places to charge your electronics and WiFi that worked for the most time. Really good choice.

As we talked with friends afterwards – we don’t go to conferences for the talks. That’s why we all very much enjoyed Craft Conference. Will definitely try to put it on my calendar next year.

There were few talks I liked, especially : Evan Czaplicki’sGreg Youngs’s, Gojko Adzic’s and Stefan Tilkov’s. I also heard that Dan North’s keynote was great too. Thanks to one of the organizers all of them were streamed lived and most of them are available to watch.

[PL] Trójmiejskie grupy technologiczne

This post is also available in English.

Miałem taki post w głowie od dłuższego czasu, a dodatkowego kopa dał mi wpis Gutka o Warszawskich grupach programistycznych. Problem polega na tym, że nie ma jednego miejsca, gdzie znajdować te grupy. Ich strony są rozrzucone po meetupie, fejsbuku i innych miejscach. To jest prawdopodobnie niekompletna lista grup działających w Trójmieście. Jeżeli kogoś pominąłem, lub informacje są nieaktualne/niekompletne, daj znać – poprawię.

Trójmiejska Zawodowa Grupa .NET www
Tematyka: .NET, ogólnie o programowaniu
Gdzie: Zieleniak, Gdańsk
Kiedy: Każda druga środa miesiąca

Grupa .NET Politechniki Gdańskiej (grupa studencka) www || facebook
Tematyka: .NET, ogólnie o programowaniu, przedsiębiorczość
Gdzie: Politechnika Gdańska
Kiedy: brak stałych terminów, spotkania odbywają się dośc często

Cocoaheads Tricity facebook
Tematyka: iOS, mobile UX
Gdzie: Pomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny, Gdynia
Kiedy: brak stałych terminów, spotkania mniej więcej co miesiąc

Google Developers Group Tricity www || facebook
Tematyka: Android
Gdzie: Pomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny, Gdynia
Kiedy: brak stałych terminów, spotkania mniej więcej co miesiąc

Java User Group Trójmiasto www || facebook || twitter
Tematyka: Java, JVM, ogólnie o programowaniu
Gdzie: Gdański Inkubator Przesiębiorczości Starter
Kiedy: brak stałych terminów, spotkania mniej więcej co miesiąc

meet.js Gdańsk www || facebook || twitter
Tematyka: JavaScript, frontend
Gdzie: Gdański Park Naukowo Technologiczny
Kiedy: Brak stałych terminów. Spotkania w Gdańsku odbywają się mniej więcej co dwa miesiące.

Geek Girls Carrots www || facebook
Tematyka: ogólnie technologicznie, ogólnie o programowaniu, women in technology
Gdzie: Gdański Park Naukowo Technologiczny ; Pomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny Gdynia
Kiedy: Brak stałych terminów, spotkania mniej więcej co miesiąc

TRUG www
Tematyka: Ruby, Rails, web development
Gdzie: Sopot, Aleja Niepodległości 807/5
Kiedy: Trzecie środy miesiąca

PLSSUG Trójmiasto www
Tematyka: SQL Server
Gdzie: Siedziba firmy Hempel, Gdańsk, ul K. Szymanowskiego 2
Kiedy: W czwartki

Agile 3M www || facebook
Tematyka: Zarządzanie projektami, Agile
Gdzie: Klub Atelier, al. Mamuszki 2, Sopot
Kiedy: Brak stałych terminów, spotkania mniej więcej co miesiąc

Warto jeszcze wspomnieć o dwóch inicjatywach. 3Hack (www || facebook || twitter) stara się zbierać w jednym miejscu informacje o technologicznej i startupowej scenie trójmiasta. It3c także informuje o spotkaniach grup technologicznych i zamieszcza oferty pracy.

Tricity technology usergroups

Ten post dostępny  jest też po Polsku.

Tricity is the area I live in Poland. This post is to summarize technology groups that are actively meeting in the area. Post is inspired by Gutek, who wrote about Warsaw usergroups (Polish). The problem is, that you can’t find this info in one place – groups are scattered all around internet. This list is probably not complete, so if you have some information that could be added here, don’t hesitate to tell me.

Tricity Professional .NET group www
Topics: .NET, general software development
Where: Zieleniak bulding, Gdańsk
When: Every second Wednesday of a month
Language: Polish

Gdańsk University of Technology .NET group (student group) www || facebook
Topics: .NET, general software development, entrepreneurship
Where: Gdańsk University of Technology
When: no regular dates, but meetings happen very often
Language: Polish

Cocoaheads Tricity facebook
Topics: iOS, mobile UX
Where: Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, Gdynia
When: no regular dates, meetings happen around once a month
Language: English

Google Developers Group Tricity www || facebook
Topics: Android
WherePomeranian Science and Technology Park, Gdynia
When: no regular dates, meetings happen around once a month
Language: English

Java User Group Tricity www || facebook || twitter
Topics: Java, JVM, general software development
Where: Gdański Inkubator Przesiębiorczości Starter
Whenno regular dates, meetings happen around once a month
Language: Polish/English

meet.js Gdańsk www || facebook || twitter
Topics: JavaScript, frontend
Where: Gdansk Science and Technology Park
When: no regular dates, meetings happen around once every 2 months
Language: Polish/English

Geek Girls Carrots www || facebook
Topics: general technology, general software development, women in technology
WhereGdansk Science and Technology Park ; Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, Gdynia
Whenno regular dates, meetings happen around once a month
Language: Polish/English

TRUG www
Topics: Ruby, Rails, web development
Where: Sopot, Aleja Niepodległości 807/5
When: Every third Wednesday of a month
Language: Polish

PLSSUG Tricity www
Topics: SQL Server
Where: Hempel company building, Gdańsk, ul K. Szymanowskiego 2
When: Thursdays
Language: Polish

Agile 3M www || facebook
Topics: project management, agile
Where: Atelier Club, al. Mamuszki 2, Sopot
When: no regular dates, meetings happen around once a month
Language: Polish

There are also two initiatives worth mentioning. 3Hack (www || facebook || twitter) is trying to gather all relevant informations about meetings on Tricity technology and startup scene. It3c also gathers news about usergroups and technology job offers in the area (unfortunately only in Polish).